Why You Should Avoid Washing Sheets and Towels Together?

  • Linens and towels should wash separately for the following reasons:

⦁ They both have different material weight

Here weight refers to the thickness of the material. How long they take to dry in the dryer may depend on their thickness. Towels, which are visibly thicker than linens, will dry more slowly. This implies that they either won’t dry completely, which could result in mold growth or mildew, or sheets will be over-dried, which will limit their lifespan and cause damage. If you use the dry cycle and don’t separate your sheets and towels, this will take you to higher utility costs. So it’s better to restrict your dry cycles to only one kind of material.

⦁ They require different temperatures

To avoid any residual bacteria, wash towels in hot water since they constantly come into contact with skin cells and moisture. However, it’s not necessary to wash bedding in hot water. In fact, if you do, it could damage the finer fabric.

⦁ They have different sizes

This is an important consideration because it also affects drying time. A towel won’t dry out completely if it is tightly wrapped in a sheet, which will lead to mildew and a musty smell. Additionally, if bath towel sets or other pieces of clothing are getting caught in sheets, they’re not rubbing up against other items of clothing which is an important part of the cleaning process in a washer.

⦁ They’re made out of different materials

At first, this may not seem like a huge concern, but because towels are largely made out of cotton they’re more likely to build lint. Because of the difference in material. Your sheets can end up covered in lint, changing their appearance and texture, and damaging their quality. New towels in particular produce a lot of lint.


⦁ Separate Light & Dark Towels

You should start by loading your washing machine into two separate spinning cycles. It would be best to wash lighter-colored towels or sheets separately as they are at risk of dying colored towels, resulting in picking up different colors.

1. Use Less Detergent

It is important to know that using too much detergent could harm towels. Use only half as much detergent as you would like because this will keep the softness and freshness of your towels.

2. Wash Cycle

You can wash your towels in a regular wash machine as it is more suitable to clean the mold and bacteria from the fabric fibers of your luxurious towels.

3. Remove Excess Water Before Drying

Shake off any excess water from the towels or sheets before putting them out to dry as it will speed up the drying process giving towels a clean, fresh, softer look.


If you are doing this already! The simple answer is no. It is not a good idea to wash your dirty sheets and towels in the same laundry. Firstly, it’s essential to know that towels and sheets have different fabric weights. Where towels are made of heavy cotton terry cloth, sheets, on the other hand, have a thinner percale cotton fabric. Due to this reason, towels take more time to get washed and completely dry. Whereas sheets can take only 30 minutes or less to get dry.

Another reason is that the sheer design of sheets is problematic as they ball up every other cloth inside them. You cannot wash sheets with clothes and towels together because they can quickly ball up inside the sheets. Due to this they would not be properly laundered. Partial dryness could also make your towels get mildew on them.

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