Wordle Game: Tricks to Master

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Wordle is gaining widespread popularity, and if you find yourself struggling with keyword guesses, the following tips may be helpful for you.

If you are passionate about play wordle guessing game and wondering how to improve your score, here are some tactics you can apply to achieve a higher score and overcome challenges with an impressive winning streak.

Apply Some Tricks to Decode Wordle

Don’t Guess Word in the First Round

To successfully decode Wordle, you need to use a strategy. Avoid hastily guessing and filling in letters without considering your options. Logic is paramount when playing Wordle. With thousands of potential answers, random guessing is unfounded. Instead, consider your first keyword entry as a sacrifice to uncover clues. It is crucial to defeat Wordle with a higher score, so do not hastily waste your first guesses.

Use High-Frequency Word in the First Guess

Building on the above note, when making your first guess, choose a word with common letters, such as TEARS with T, E, A. This strategy will eliminate or confirm the presence of the remaining 5 letters and lead you to the answer more quickly. If you aim for a high score in Wordle, eliminate less common letters for easier deduction.

Use the Same First Word

Knowing not to randomly guess the first word and to choose common letters, the next tip is to always use the same word in your first guess. Consistently using a word in the first round with common letters gives you the best chance to solve Wordle quickly and efficiently.

Take Time to Think 

Wordle changes its secret word every day, giving you 24 hours to guess. Therefore, don’t think too quickly; use your time to examine the remaining letters for guessing. The game has no time limit for each word guess. Rely on the remaining letters, as well as the successfully guessed letters, to find the result.

Don’t Hesitate to Use a Letter Twice

BANAL and ABBEY are recent examples of Wordle results. As you can see, they both have the same letter appearing twice. So, be aware that having one green (or yellow) letter A in your answer doesn’t mean there won’t be another letter A in a different position.

Use Clues from Previously Guessed Answers

If you’ve guessed the answer is TEARS and received green letters for T and A, using T and A in the same positions for your next guess is worth trying. This is not illogical, as if you can’t think of a word starting with T and A as the third and fourth letters, try filling in some of the most likely letters in the blank spaces. This way, you can more easily find the answer.

Always use clues from your previous guesses; this will provide more potential solutions wordle, and you’ll play faster.

Note that Wordle Uses American Spelling

For those not using American English, be aware that Wordle uses American spelling, which may generate unfamiliar words. This has puzzled players using British English, for example. Wordle has used the word “FAVOR” in one of its puzzles, causing headaches for many British English users.

Practice with Other Word Game

A small tip for scoring is to seek hints from other word-guessing games. Many Wordle clones exist, along with other word-guessing games with rich vocabularies, all of which will strengthen your skills in solving Wordle.


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