Working and studying in Ireland: What do you need to know?


Going on exchange contributes greatly to your personal growth and facilitates obtaining new opportunities once you return to Pakistan. Many people don’t know that you can combine your studies with work depending on your chosen country. Just know some important points about the location and the requirements there, and organize the necessary documentation to comply with these requirements. For example, if you plan to work and study in Ireland, this content is for you. Below, we have gathered the main information about the “Emerald Island” and the exchange experience in the country. Good reading!

Find out more about Ireland

One thing that characterizes the Irish population is its passion for tea. What’s more, if coffee with milk in some regions of Pakistan is quite traditional, what steals the show in the European country is tea with milk. It seems a little strange, but it’s worth trying to experience what it’s like to live the customs of the Irish people.

Understand how to work and study in Ireland.

Now that you know the main characteristics of the country, it is time to understand how it is possible to work and study in Ireland.

The duration of an exchange

If you want to combine work and studies in Ireland, you must stay for a minimum of time. You must stay in the country for at least 25 weeks to do this. The maximum time an exchange student can stay there is two years. After this period, the person must request a visa renewal.

It is important to highlight that this renewal can be done up to two times, as long as the maximum of two years is respected and the student has 85% class attendance.

Working hours

Working hours differ between high and low season. This is because, during study holidays, working longer hours during the week is possible. While completing the course—with a minimum workload of 15 hours per week—the student can work up to 20 hours during the week.

However, it is possible to work up to 40 hours per week.

The visa issue is a bureaucratic aspect that deserves the exchange student’s attention. The documentation required of someone who is just going to study is different from that of someone who is going to study and work.

Stamp 2 A, for example, is a visa that does not offer the student a work permit. It lasts three to six months, requiring you to present a letter from the school proving your enrollment.

Stamp 2 authorizes the exchange student to study and work. In this case, it is recommended that the duration be a little longer. A letter of proof of school, financial funds, and housing must also be presented.

The job

You may ask yourself: How will I get a job in Ireland? Calm! The country is quite receptive to offering opportunities to students from other countries. The exchange students who study there work from serving in bars, restaurants, and stores to taking care of children.

We have put together some tips that you can apply to qualify your work and get a job faster:

  • dedicate yourself to improving your English;
  • participate in events that will expand your networking;
  • put together a clear and attractive CV highlighting your qualifications and differences as a professional;
  • search on professional websites in Ireland (the most recommended are Kangaroo, Jobs, and Gumtree).

The salary

Salary is something that many people are curious about. In Ireland, the minimum hourly wage is €10.10. This value makes the average salary between 600 and 900 euros, depending on the period worked.

In this context, we have shown you what you need to know to work and study in Ireland. Awareness of these points is essential for planning your exchange more effectively and making this enriching experience hassle-free.

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