You can hit your golf driver perfectly every time if you’ve done it once.

Imagine yourself on the tee box of your preferred short, 4-par hole. Your golf driver is in your possession. This hole was created with risk and reward in mind. With your driver, you may go very close to or even on the green if you hit it long and straight. Setting yourself up for a simple birdie opportunity. If you miss it, you might end up with dangers or an out-of-bounds score.
You are aware that the best course of action is to lay up for a 100-yard shot to the green and pull out an iron. But you just can’t bring yourself to do it. What the heck, I’m going for it, you tell yourself.
After all, the point of playing golf is to have fun. So who is to say that you are wrong if you think that taking chances on the golf course and occasionally overcoming the odds is enjoyable? I personally prefer playing for the score than risking everything, but hey, that’s just me.

What purpose does that serve? The golf bag’s ruler is THE DRIVER! The holy grail of virtually all amateur golfers is driving the ball far and straight. Some golfers may even feel happier when they leave the course. If they were happy with the way they hit their driver rather than whether they shot well. But the proverb is frequently brought up in conversation:

Driving for show and putting for cash

Greg Norman refutes this conventional wisdom as follows in his book SHARK ATTACK: “Never try to sell me on that line. The most graceful stroke in the world won’t be enough to aid you if you are unable to put your tee shot into play. The drive is, in my opinion, the most crucial stroke in golf “.

How do you feel right now? I believe him since other people have also said something like this regarding driving. Furthermore, higher handicap players often place more emphasis on the driver and getting off the tee safely and with distance than better golfers because a bigger amount of their shots are used to just get to the green.

What else can we do about it then take more golf lessons? Plenty! Simply said, hire a replacement driver as soon as possible. The #1 wood of just three years ago is decades behind the latest technology.

Additionally, in order to properly do these particularly violent sports activities with the driving tool. We must be able to focus our minds in a way that our brains and muscles work in unison and harmony.

How can I go about doing that?

It’s not really that difficult. We are the only creatures with the capacity for creative thinking, which arises from what we refer to as our conscious minds. Here’s the evidence:

Did you have to speak to yourself the last time you were on a bike to persuade your leg to press the pedal? Did you have to remind yourself that you must now maintain your balance while having a thousand little muscles working on their own? You have to command the muscles in your right arm to relax and the muscles in your left arm to tighten in order to complete a left turn. Obviously not! Your conscious mind just thought fast about what you wanted to do, and the subconscious mind took over for carrying out that wish. The subconscious then orchestrated everything.

Sending out a billion electrical impulses in a precise sequence to trigger a billion muscle fibers to contract or relax at precisely the right moment is no easy task. This is the marvel of our brain, a living computer.

What about the golf tips on setup, standing in the right place at the top, swing checkpoints, follow-through, etc.? You probably anticipated reading about this, don’t you? It’s all fine, folks, but sometimes it gets to be too much for us to take and leads to “paralysis by analysis.” We must implement a strategy that will maximize our gains with the least amount of time and effort. The majority of us just don’t have the time to go practice the many pieces of advice we have been given on the swing. And if utilizing a mechanical approach to progress. It is the only way you are going to improve. A MENTAL method is superior and more effective in terms of time:

Keep in mind:

“The quality of our interactions with ourselves determines the quality of our golf game.”

The golf swing is most complicated while hitting the driver since we are attempting to maintain accuracy while applying maximum force and speed. After all, a 1-foot putt should allow for reasonable accuracy, right?  We have an innate understanding that our ability to manipulate objects precisely decreases as our force increases. In order to optimize our effectiveness on the tee box when utilizing the driver in our golf game, we must be aware of a few crucial concepts.

1. Rather than the conscious mind, the subconscious is the master at swinging the driver.

If we’ve had a successful drive in the past, our subconscious mind will know how to repeat it. It is aware of the precise amount, and timing. And the arrangement of nerve impulses and muscle contractions needed to reproduce that powerful urge. Prior to the swing, visualizing helps achieve this.

2. In order to prevent the conscious mind from interfering with the subconscious mind’s job. One must give it something to do to keep it occupied.

Once the wish has been expressed, you should consider doing anything simple while swinging, such as either humming a song or keeping a basic count of the swing’s movements as they occur (ie 1. backswing, 2. top of the swing, 3. forward motion, etc.). Alternately, keep seeing the ball flying precisely how you want it to in the middle of the swing. Or, you might be able to use self-hypnosis to put yourself into a trance-like condition for the duration of the swing by focusing totally and exclusively on that ball. Many golfers already do this without even realizing it. But with the right information and work in this area, it may be improved. (I have a free booklet about this on my website.)

3. There is a limit to how much power we can place on the driver. Before it dramatically reduces our chances of maintaining accuracy.

How many chefs can you fit in a kitchen before they start bumping into one another and really start diminishing their productivity when that number is exceeded is the greatest analog for this, which comes under the Law of Diminishing Returns. Everyone will experience this moment differently, but most importantly. For the majority of golfers who struggle with their driver, this threshold is at LESS FORCE than you believe. In other words, strike it hard first, then harder again.

While the necessary tasks don’t need any of your time, they do demand regular effort throughout the day. Golf is kind to the focused player yet punishing to the lazy player.

Make every effort this month, or this week if you have a round coming up that you want to prepare for, to tell yourself (and your subconscious mind), “First and foremost, you always hit the driver square and on the sweet spot,” to help you hit the driver more consistently. is a sports retailer that specializes in golf clothes, equipment, bags, and accessories as well as tennis and football gear.

Say that at least 100 or so times a week to yourself (this is a lot easier to do than you are thinking right now). Imagine in your imagination what it would be like and how it would feel to have continuous straight drives. Zoom in on the scene in your mental movies where your driver is ready to make contact with the ball. Anywhere, at any time, but particularly before going to bed, do this. Consistently continue to do it. Isn’t consistency what we’re aiming for in golf? For it to occur on the course, we must incorporate it into our way of thinking.

You will notice a significant improvement off the tee. If your subconscious accepts the notion as internal reality (and it will if you are diligent in persuading it).

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