Hair transplant in Islamabad

Hair transplant in Islamabad

Hair transplant in Islamabad is a surgical procedure performed to treat receding hairlines and baldness. Considering its benefits, it has become a popular hair treatment. This procedure leads to natural hair growth. Although, this is the best procedure to restore a fuller hair head. However, we cannot negate the possibility of associated side effects.

If you are observing hair loss or baldness and thinking about transplantation, then you must be aware of the potential benefits and drawbacks of this procedure. Give it a read to learn about this hair treatment and its potential side effects.

Redefine The Aesthetics Of Your Personality: Hair Transplant

During this procedure, a surgeon extracts follicles from donor sites of the scalp and then transplants those follicles into the bald areas of the scalp after preparing them. Transplanted hair start growing naturally and complete their natural cycle, reinstating the lost charm of an individual’s personality. Before undergoing this treatment, one must consult with a surgeon to ensure his/her suitability. 

Let’s Discuss the Side Effects Of This Procedure:

Pain and Discomfort

Many patients experience pain after undergoing this hair treatment. A patient may feel pain in the treated area. Normally, it is a graze-like pain and It may worsen over time. Most patients can endure it. If you also observe pain, talk to your doctor; he will suggest some medicines to manage pain and discomfort.


Swelling is another side effect of this hair restoration technique. Inflammation causes the skin tissues to swell and feel tight. The state and sites of swelling may vary from person to person. Normally, it subsides in a day or two. If it persists, inform your doctor to treat it accordingly.


Patients experience bleeding at areas where hair have been transplanted. It occurs because cuts are involved during this procedure. It ends soon. It may lead to discomfort. Generally, people do not observe it the very next day. But if you observe it for a long time, then you should visit your doctor to take appropriate measures.



Like other surgical procedures, the possibility of infection is also there. A surgeon needs to disinfect the area, which has to treate. It will limit the risk of infection. However, we cannot eliminate the possibility of this side effect. Antibiotics can be used to treat it, and if left untreated, the outcomes of this treatment may be spoiled.

Permanent Loss Of Hair

Patients may also observe permanent hair loss in the donor area because there might be a chance of no hair growth once they are removed from that specific area. Given that, one must have sufficient hair growth in the donor area to prevent this side effect and cover the areas from which grafts have been removed.

What To Do To Minimise The Rise Of Side Effects?

First of all, a patient must get the services of an experienced professional. Get a consultation session and ensure whether you are a suitable candidate. An expert surgeon will analyse your skin conditions and the status of the donor site. Further, he will also take care of every aspect involved in this procedure to bring about your desired results and limit the risk of side effects.

Furthermore, a patient needs to adhere to aftercare instructions to restore normalcy at the earliest, get optimal outcomes and reduce the risk of side effects. Post-operative care includes cleaning the treated area, the use of prescribed medicines, avoiding strenuous activities, maintaining a healthy diet and having ample rest.

Who Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Islamabad?

Dr Naveed Azhar is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Islamabad. He has been serving in this field for several years. He has developed his expertise in this field and earned a commendable reputation because of his success ratio. He strives to understand the causes of the problem and then treats them accordingly, increasing the chances of positive results.

Summing Up:

Hair transplant in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure. It performe to address hair loss and baldness. This treatment restores natural hair growth, hides bald areas of the scalp and makes an individual look confident and self-assured. This technique also involved the possibility of side effects. Common adverse effects include complete loss of hair, pain, swelling, infection and bleeding. To avoid these effects, you need to get the services of an experienced surgeon.

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