App Like Uber

App Like Uber


On-Demand Taxi Ride Booking App is now synonymous with sci-fi and ultra-modern only because of its 21st century contemporary features. Now, iPhone Users can book a cab with few simple taps on their smartwatches. They just have to ascertain that iWatch is connected to the phone. What’s even better? They can even pay online with their respective iWatches! Yes, it is all true!

With regards to Login, say goodbye to passwords because this new feature has come to your rescue! Android Users need their fingerprints to access their smartphones while iPhone users would just need their Face IDs. This has done away with the age-old need to memorize Username and its associated code to unlock the phone. In this fast-paced world, every second counts.

Uber Clone App has been enriched with human conscious choices-driven decision. One such commitment is encouraging women to register as Drivers with the App who’d only accept lady ride requests. And not compromising with the safety and well-being of the Taxi Drivers come what may with the advent of Geo-Fencing. According to this feature, conflict-prone areas are marked on the map and Drivers are warned against going there. The rule book says that they can’t Pick-up or Drop-off customers from such shady neighborhoods of the city.

This App like Uber Taxi has been winning hearts globally for how flexible it is in booking rides

A customer who doesn’t even have this app can get a cab by simply waving hands up in the air. This could be anyone who is walking by the street and wants to reach a destination by hailing a cab.

Or in another scenario, the User doesn’t even have a cellphone and calls the app owner directly. Then, the cab is booked manually via Administrator Panel. Finally, User can book a cab for someone else, in that case an SMS will be sent to the Receiver. This text message will have all the details regarding the Cab, and the OTP to start the ride.

Uber Clone Script has been bejeweled with many gemstones. One of them which has been constantly stealing spotlight is Multiple Stopover Points. This is a boon for all the customers out there who have errands to run. For this precise reason, there’s another feature that’s closely associated with this one – Shop/Stop/Eat! In here, the Riders have the liberty to pause the on-going trip in-between to either eat or shop. And just in case, there is an issue, Riders can chat with the support team in Real-Time.

Parents who are travelling with kids can surely find a ride on the App which offer them a child seat

While booking the ride, just mention the need that the cab should be well-equipped to take care of the kid. Once this information is updated, all the disabled Riders are informed.

All this while, it is the App Owner who is making money for every completed ride. It is entirely run on Commission-based business model. Entrepreneurs are always trying to safeguard the interest of its service providers and customers alike. Blocking of fraud Users and Riders who cancel far too many times. With this, they are prevented from using the app in the future because everyone’s time and money is important.

The Entrepreneur has a special tool that helps to keep an eye on all the Taxi Drivers associated with App. It is called God’s Eye View, wherein the App Owner can track these Drivers in Real-Time on a geographical map.


App Like Uber has been beaming with glory with the newest addition of groundbreaking features that include Taxi Rental, Corporate Bookings, Scheduling Rides for a Later Time and Intercity Taxi. With all this, it has widened its market penetration and ride bookings are at its peak. Just to give you a glimpse, User can even pay online Intercity Rides and can even share ride details with whosoever one desires.

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